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ANDREW LOST (18 Books)

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Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
Language English
Format Paperback

Andrew Lost is a series of children's science fiction adventure novels written by J. C. Greenburg and published by Random House from 2002 to 2008.

It features a boy inventor named Andrew Dubble whose inventions rarely work the way he expects them to.

There are 18 books in the series and they constitute five complete stories, each released consecutively.

Let the children to enjoy it.


TITTLES in this Collection:

On The Dog (Al#1)

In The Bathroom (Al#2)

In The Kitchen (Al#3)

In The Garden (Al#4)

Under Water (Al#5)

In The Whale (Al#6)

On The Reef (Al#7)

In The Deep (Al#8)

In Time (Al#9)

On Earth (Al#10)

With The Dinosaurs (Al#11)

In The Ice Age (Al#12)

In The Garbage (Al#13)

With The Bats (Al#14)

In The Jungle (Al#15)

In Uncle Al (Al#16)

In The Desert (Al#17)

With The Frogs (Al#18)