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Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
Language English
Format Paperback
Reading age 6 - 9 years

It’s a mystery every month from popular A to Z Mysteries author Ron Roy! With the younger siblings of the A to Z Mysteries kids!

January is for Joker...

In the first book of the Calendar Mysteries—an early chapter book mystery series—Green Lawn has a problem! When Bradley Pinto wakes up in the night to strange lights in his backyard, he wonders if there are aliens in town.

When he sees three-toed tracks in the snow, he's sure of it. His twin, Brian, and friends Lucy and Nate aren't so certain.

But then Lucy's cousin Dink, the twins' brother Josh, and Nate's sister Ruth Rose all disappear. Are there really aliens in Green Lawn? And where could they be taking Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose?

The books are perfect for any kid who love mysteries!