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MY WEIRD SCHOOL (First season – 21 books)

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AR 3-4
Language English
Publisher HarperCollins; Box edition
Dimension 13.5cm x19.5cm
Paperback 80 pages
Reading age 6-10 years

Read the 21 books that started it all. Join A.J, Andrea, Ryan, Emily and the rest of the Ella Mentry School kids as they encounter the weirdest teachers in the history of the world. From crazy Miss Daisy to screwy Mr.Louie and odd Ms.Todd, My Weird School is one wacky place.

Including 21 books:

1.         Miss Daisy Is Crazy

2.         Mr.Klutz is Nuts

3.         Mrs.Roopy is Loopy

4.         Ms.Hannah is Bananas

5.         Miss Small is off the wall

6.         Mr.Hynde is out of his mind

7.         Mrs.Cooney is Loony

8.         Ms.LaGrange is strange.

9.         Miss Lazar is Bizarre

10.       Mr.Docker is off His Rocker

11.       Mrs.Kormel is not normal

12.       Ms.Todd is odd

13.       Mrs.Patty is Batty

14.       Miss Holly Is Too Jolly

15.       Mr.Macky Is Wacky

16.       Ms.Coco Is Loco

17.       Miss Suki is Kooky

18.       Mrs.Yonkers is Bonkers

19.       Dr.Carbles is losing his marbles

20.       Mr.Louie is Screwy

21.       Ms.Krup Cracks Me Up.