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OXFORD READING TREE (Level 10-12) 18 books

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Publisher OUP Oxford
Language English
Dimension 15cm x 21 cm
Paperback 36-40 pages
Reading age 6 years and up

Read with Biff Chip and Kipper.

Biff, Chip ,Kipper and friends are older now and their true destiny is about to be revealed...Can they stop the evil Virans from destroying history as we know it?

18 books: 

1. The Cauldron of Darkness

2. Fire in the Dark

3. Making a Bolt For It

4. The Strange Box

5. The Stone of Destiny

6. Stranger at the Gates

7. Tyler: His Story

8. The Time Web

9. Time Runners

10. The Thief Who Stole Nothing

11. The Power of the Cell

12. Mission Victory

13. The Matrix Mission

14. The Jewel in the Hub

15. A Jack and Three Queens

16. The Enigma Plot

17. Beyond the Door

18. The Will of the People