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Publisher First Second
Language English
Reading age 8 - 11 years
Grade level 3-7

 New York Times – Bestselling Author

Read the complete Secret Coders saga from start to finish! This deluxe boxed set collects all six volumes of the action-packed graphic novel series by New York Times–Bestselling Author Gene Luen Yang & Mike Holmes.

Plus includes a set of six collectable character cut-outs of your favorite Secret Coders characters

Includes 6 Collectible Character Cut – Duts! :

  1. Secret Coders
  2. Paths & Portals
  3. Secrets & Sequences
  4. Robots & Repeats
  5. Potions & Parameters
  6. Monsters & Modules


  1. Secret Coders
    Welcome to Stately Academy, a school which is just crawling with mysteries to be solved! The founder of the school left many clues and puzzles to challenge his enterprising students.
  2. Secret Coders: Paths & Portals
    In the last volume, Hopper and Eni discovered a robot in the supply closet and programmed him to do mischief. Now they're trapped in an underground lair, and they must use their new programming skills to escape.
  3. Secret Coders: Secrets & Sequences
    Hopper, Eni, and Josh won't rest until they've learned the whole story of the Stately Academy, but they aren't the only ones interested in the school's past...
  4. Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats
    Dr. One-Zero has added a new class to Stately Academy's curriculum. But in "Advanced Chemistry," they only teach one lesson: how to make Green Pop!
  5. Secret Coders: Potions & Parameters
    At long last, the Coders have found Hopper's missing father―but he's not the same. He drank Professor One-Zero's poisonous concoction, Green Pop. Now he's in a blissful stupor and all he cares about is the color green.
  6. Secret Coders: Monsters & Modules
    The Coders always knew their programming skills would take them far, but they never guessed it would take them to another dimension! To save humanity, they must travel to the two-dimensional world of Flatland. But to open the gateway, they must first write their most difficult code yet!

Meet Hopper, Eni, and Josh as they write their first line of code, and join them for their final showdown with Dr. One – Zero. This decluxe boxed set includes all six volumes of the action – packed graphic novel series by New York Times – bestselling author Gene Luen Yang, plus includes a set of six collectable character cut-outs of your favorite Secret Coders characters!

“ Gene Luen Yang’s talent iss prodigious, hiss enthusiasm contangious… Even this confirmed technophone was ready to learn coding.”_Katherine Applegate, author of Crenshaw and The One and Only Ivan

“Scret Coders not only uses logo but also touches on computer fundamentals like binary code and the three major ways that code is organized… Reader will learn them all, right alongside Hopper and Eni, not as something dry or rote, but something transformative”  _ Wired