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STEP INTO READING (Level 4 – 27 books)

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Publisher Scholastic
Language English
Paperback 48 pages
Dimension 13cm x 19 cm
Reading age 7-9 years

Step 4 books introduce readers to paragraphs and fully developed plot lines, though with short, punchy sentences. The pace is much quicker than in Step 3, and the vocabulary is increasingly challenging. Books are forty-eight pages long

✅Does your child read simple sentences with confidence?

✅Newly independent readers are ready for Step 4.

✅STEP INTO READING will help your child get there. The program offers five step to reading success. Each step includes fun stories and colorful art or photographs. In addition to original fiction and books with favorite characters, there are Step into Reading Non-Fiction Readers, Phonics Readers and Boxed Sets, Sticker Readers, and Comic Readers – a complete literacy program with something to interest every child.

✅STEP INTO READING is designed to give every child a successful reading experience. The grade levels are only guides; children will progress through the steps at their own speed, developing confidence in their reading. The F&P Text Level on the back cover serves as another tool to help you choose the right book for your child.