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The Zack Files (30 Books)

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Language English
Reading age 7 - 10 years
Paperback 64 pages
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap; Illustrated edition
Dimension 13cm x 19cm

This set of books has crazy humor, which can cultivate children's optimism and humor, so that children can grow their knowledge in laughter


Full of originality and whimsical energy. This set of books incorporates elements that children love, such as thriller, humor, suspense, and ease. Children of any age will find it interesting. Through reading, it leads the children to heaven and earth, bringing them safe and exciting fun-scholar Lana Nichols


Dan Greenburg is a well-known humorist, novelist, journalist, and playwright. The Zack Files was Dan’s inspiration from his son Zack, so he wrote him in the book and became the protagonist of the story. The Zack Files has a total of 30 books about a ten-year-old boy Zack, who has a

Dan Greenburg's The Zack Files series is a funny, wacky look at a 10-year-old boy's improbable adventures in and out of school.

The stories are simple, and the premise of each story is impossible -- Neanderthals coming to life in a museum, or a great-grandpa reincarnated as a talking cat at the animal shelter -- which makes Zack's adventures even funnier.

Zack takes care to tell the reader that his parents are divorced, and that most of these crazy things happen when he's with his dad. It's a short paragraph in each book, but it sets the tone for the supportive, loving father-son relationship in the pages that follow.

Book 1: What I wanted was a cute little kitten. Instead, I got a tough tomcat that talks. And that's not all! He says he's my Great-Grandpa Julius and he needs my help. And messy litter box or not, family is family!...

1. Great –Grandpa’s in the Little Box

2. Through The Medicine cabinet

3. A Ghost named Wanda

4. Zap! I’m a mid reader

5. Dr.jekyll, orthodontist

6. I’m out of my body please leave me message

7. Never trust a cat who wears earrings

8. My son,the time traveler

9. The voleano goddess will see you now

10. Bozo the clone

11. How to speak dolphin in the three easy lessons

12. Now you see me, Now you don’t

13. The misfortune cookie

14. Elvis the turnip…and me

15. Hang a left at venus

16. Evil queen tut and the great ant pyramids

17. Yikes! Grandma’s a teenager

18. How I fixed the year 1000 problem

19. The boy who cried bigfoot

20. How I went form bad to verse

21. Don’t count on Dracula

22. This body’s not big enough for both of us

23. Greenish eggs and dinosaurs

24. My grandma, major-league slugger

25. Trapped int the museum of unnatural history

26. Me and my mummy

27. My teacher ate my homework

28. Tell a lie and your butt will grow

29. Just add water… and seream!

30. It’s itcheraft!