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Marvel World of Reading (31 Books)

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Publisher World of reading
Language English
Ages 7+
Paperback 32 pages
Dimens 23 x 15 cm

Special Marvel for all the children who are love Super Hero….

01:World of Reading Super Hero Adventures: Tricky Trouble! 
02:World of Reading Super Hero Adventures: Thwip! You Are It!: Level Pre-1 
03:Level 1:This is X-Man 
04:Level 1:This is Iron Man 
05:Level 1:This is Spider Man 
06: Level 1:This is Captain America 
07:Level 1:This is Thor 
08:Level 1:This is Wolverine 
09:Level 1:This is Ant-Man 
10:Level 1:This is Black Widow 
11:Level 1:This is Falcon 
12:Level 1:This is Hulk 
13:Level 1:This is Iron Man 
14:Level 1:This is Hawkeye 
15:This is Captain Marvel (Level 1)
16:Black Panther (Level 1) 
17:The Mighty Avengers(Level 1) 
18:The mighty Thor (Level 1) 
19:Super Hero Adventures: Meet Ant-Man and the Wasp (Level 1) 
20:Super Hero Adventures: These are the Avengers (Level 1) 
21:Avengers The New Team(Level 1) 
22:Guardians of the Galaxy (Level 1) 
23:This is Miles Morales(Level 1) 
24:Ant-Man Game Over(Level 2) 
25:Falcon Fear of Flying (Level 2 
26:The Story of Iron Man(Level 2) 
27:The Story of the X-Men (Level 2)
28:Spider-Man Down to a Science!(Level 2)
29:The Amazing Spider-man (Level 2) 
30:Avengers: Battle With Ultron(Level 2) 
31:Guardians of the Galaxy (Level 2)