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DRAGON (Dav Pilkey ) (5 Books)

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Publisher Scholastic
Language English
Ages 4 - 7 years
Paperback 58 pages
Dimens 18 x 14 cm

Award-winning author/illustrator of the Captain Underpants series, Dav Pilkey's gentle blue Dragon (from the hit TV series) will charm beginning readers with the adventures of a mixed-up day!

A friend of Dragon - Dragon is lonely. He goes out to look for a friend. Then an apple falls into his lap! And a snake plays a joke on Dragon. Can Dragon be friends with an apple?

Dragon Merry Christmas - Dragon cannot wait for Christmas! He hangs up his decorations. He eats sweet holiday treats. But then Dragon sees others in need. Can Dragon spread Christmas cheer?

Dragon Get Day - Dragon has a very busy day. First he needs to do housework. Then he needs to do yardwork. And he needs to go grocery shopping! Can Dragon get it all done?

Dragon Hallowen - Dragon is excited for Halloween! He carves jack-o'-lanterns. He makes a creepy costume.But then he hears a monster growling. Sometimes Halloween can be scary!

Dragon Fat Cat - Dragon has a new cat. But he doesn't know how to train it. And he doesn't know what to feed it. Taking care of one cat is a lot of work. But Cat has a BIG surprise for Dragon.