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Page  160 
Dimen 20cm x 13cm
Age  5+
Publisher Scholastic

Title of 10 books:
1. Bloomin Rainforests-
Enter the exotic world of lush and steamy rainforests in Bloomin’ Rainforests, where squiggly poisonous spiders scrabble up deadly stinky trees!
2. Cracking Coasts-
Gegraphy with the gritty bits left in! Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons as you clamber up sme Cracking Coasts.
3. Desperate Deserts-
Step onto the scorching sands of Desperate Deserts. Discover where in the world you can spot sand dunes that bury whole villages.
4. Earth-Shattering Earthquakes-
In Earth-Shattering Earthquakes, readers can explore a world of fearsome faults, shaky ground and shattering shock waves.
5. Freaky Peaks-
Get your mittens ready for a thrilling mountain hike from Everest to Kilimanjaro and beyond!
6. Monster Lakes-
Monster Lakes sweeps young readers along on a tour of the world’s most fascinating lakes. They can explore a volcanic crater lake meet scuba-diving spiders, and hunt monsters from the deep.
7. Odious Oceans-
Discover where in the world you can tuck into a poisonous pufferfish, spot some perilous pirates and explore the savage seabed!
8. Raging Rivers-
Where in the world can you: Peer over the edge of a roaring waterfall?
9. tormy Weather-
Ever wondered where in the world tornadoes rip houses from the ground? Or frozen turtles fall from the sky?
10. Violent Volcanoes-
Where in the world can you: Find red-hot volcanic rocks the size of cars?