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Britannica All new kids encyclopedia

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Page   416
Dimen 28cm x 22cm
Age 7 – 10
Publisher Britannica Books

The Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia sets a new standard for learning and discovery. It covers more than 170 fascinating topics including stars, planets, dinosaurs, deep-sea exploration, rainforests, volcanoes, genetics, electricity, wars, climate change, and AI. True to Britannica’s rigorous approach, every page has been verified by an expert consultant from a group of more than 100 specialists in their fields. This volume features over 1,000 stunning photographs and illustrations and hundreds of astonishing facts to captivate even the most digitally dependent children. 

Some of the world’s most celebrated and curious minds delighted in reading encyclopedias as children. Britannica’s latest compendium of knowledge, published in partnership with What on Earth Books, allows today’s kids to continue this tradition with a truly engaging and relevant kids’ encyclopedia from the category leader. Beyond providing a well-rounded and comprehensive overview of what’s known about each topic, its cutting-edge approach also covers phenomena that scholars and researchers don’t yet know.