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Publisher Walker Books
Language English
Reading age 8-12 years
Page 144 pages
Dimension 19cm x 14cm

Get ready for your Best Mood Ever.

JUDY MOODY In the mood for more JUDY MOODY? Now you can read them all!

Judy Moody

Judy Moody: Gets Famous

Judy Moody: Saves the World

Judy Moody: Predicts the Future

Judy Moody: The Doctor Is In

Judy Moody: Declares Independence!

Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days

Judy Moody: Goes to College

Judy Moody: Girl Detective

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm

Judy Moody: Mood Martian

Judy Moody and the Bucket List

Judy Moody and the right Royal Tea Party