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Publisher Young Scientists Reader Pte Ltd
Language English
Age Primany 1 to 6
Paperback 56 pages
Dimens 26 x 18 cm


FIND INSIDE! Maths execises and olympiad maths quizzes with answers. 2018 collectors’set 21-30 (10 issues)

New exciting comics Maths Magazines for children

The only Mathematics Comics series that complies with the SINGAPORE MOE Primary Mathemnatics Syllabus Smart Mathematicians (Lower Primary) magazines are designed to comply with the Singapore school Mathematics syllabus for Primary 1-3. Every copy of Smart Mathematicians is complemented with sets of relevant Maths exercises and a set of Olympiad Maths quizzes. Smart Mathematicians opens up a world of fun and excitement in a novel and innovative way of learning Mathematics without tears and drudgery.

Title of 20 books

SMART MATHEMATICIANS (Lower Primary) (Red box)

21. Max and the grandfarther clock

22. Four good friends

23. Where is master brown egg ?

24. A set of dentures for a tiger

25. A Snail and an ogre

26. Superman’s substitute assistant

27. Making the impossible become possible

28. Elephant calf trains to be a fire fighter

29. Carte’s adventure

30. The gianr king’s ambition

SMART MATHEMATICIANS (upper Primary) (Blue box) - for Primary 4-6

21.    Pursing a thief!
22.     Students at the school of ninjas
23.     The art of cutting apples
24.     A gorilla’s treasure
25.     Mr & Mrs tiger’s wedding anniversary
26.     Making doughnuts
27.     Eating rice
28.     Mr. Liu looks for a son-in-law
29.     Selling popsicles
30.     Building a tower