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STEM QUEST (4 Books)

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Publisher B.E.S.
Language English
Reading age 8 - 11 years
Grade level 3-6





ENGINEERING IS ABOUT THE MAGIC OF FORCES AND THE WONDER OF MACHINES. Can you investigate how things work and become an extraordinary engineer? Discover how to make paperclips float in the air, design a skyscraper, construct a super submarine, experiment with gears and springs, and much more!

MATHEMATICS IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNIVERSE EVERYTHING AROUND US. Can you crack and become an incredible maths genius?

TECHNOLOGY IS ABOUT GADGETS, INVENTIONS AND EVERY PRODUCT EVER MADE. So, are you ready to come up with the next big thing?

SCIENCE IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CURIOUS PEOPLE ASK QUESTION. Can you be a scientist an crack some of the world’s biggest mysteries?