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Publisher Scholastic
Language English
Age 6 - 12
Paperback 70 - 92 pages
Dimens 26 x 18 cm


The Magic School Bus Discovery

Set takes on the familiar fun, science adventures from the original series-but with a difference. Children who are eager for a challenge will be delighted to find more in-depth factual details in these Chapter Books that will encourage them to read and discover on their own. It's nothing short of Friz-tastic when the Magic School Bus is around!

My name is Ralphie. I am one of the kids in Ms. Frizzle's class. Maybe you've heard of Ms. Frizzle. She takes us on lots of field trips in the Magic School Bus. We never know what's going to happen when we get on that bus, but we do know that we’ll learn about Ms. Frizzle's favorite subject-science!

Once Ms. Frizzle took us all over the U.S. looking for bats. Wethought she was batty! But then we found out some really amazing things about bats, like what they eat, where they live, how echolocation works, and lots more bat facts and bat myths. In this book, I tell you everything that happened on that trip, the time we learned The Truth about Bats. ...

You will find these books within the set. 

Title of 6 books:

1. The truth about bats

2. The search for the missing bones

3. The wild whale watch

4. Space explorers

5. Twister trouble

6. The gaint germ

7. The great shark escape

8. Penguin puzzle

9. Dinosaur detectives

10. Expedition down under


11. Insect Invaders

12. Amazing Magnetism

13. Polar Bear Patrol

14. Electric Storm

15. Voyage to the Vocano

16. Butterfly Battle

17. Food Chain Frenzy

18. The Fishy Field Trip

19. Color Day Relay

20. Rocky Road Trip