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HOT TOPIC 10 Books

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Page   56
Dimen 24cm x 16cm
Age   7 – 14  years old
Publisher Raintree

Hot Topics tackles many high-profile subjects of concern and interest to the public. It takes a balanced look at the hot topic, what it means to individuals and society as a whole, and considers the various arguments and controversies on how to deal best with the complex issues involved.

What's inside?

• Case studies provide accounts on the real people, companies, and organizations dealing with the issues

• Discussion of how the media can influence opinion Engaging questions that will encourage critical thinking and debate.

Titles of 10 books:

Terrorism and security

Assisted suicide

Legalization of drugs

Internet safety

Designer babies

Violent crime

Cosmetic procedures

Cycle bullying

Offshore oil drilling


Trang :  56


Kích thước: 24cm x 16cm


Độ tuổi :  7 – 14  tuổi


Nhà xuất bản: Raintree


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