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The Legend Of King Arthur: Merlin, Magic and Dragon (10 Books)

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Publisher Sweet Cherry Publishing
Language English
Format Paperback
Page 96 pages
Age 7 - 9 years
Dimension 20cm x 13cm

Includes QR codes to the free audio books


Easy-to-read re-tellings that share the legends with a younger generation

Introduces children to the adventures of King Arthur and Merlin and a world of legendary characters


Engaging illustrations by the illustrator of the Horrible Geography series


Based on one of the greatest English legends


Title of 10 books:

1. The Sword In The Stone

2. The Fail Of Camelot

3. The Quest For The Holy Grail

4. Lancelot

5. Tristan and Isolde

6. Twelve Rebel Kings

7. The Death Of Merlin

8. The Dark Sorceress

9. Gawain And The Green Knight

10. No Ordinary Boy

Format Paperback

Publisher Sweet Cherry Publishing

Language English