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Pages 17-23
Dimen 25 x 25 cm
Age Beginners
Publisher QED 

Beaver and Dumper Truck are helping to build the new town hall. But it starts to rain, and the town might flood-can Dumper Truck help?

Who is stealing the famous paintings, and where are they hiding them? Join Police Car and the cats on patrol as they try to catch the sneaky thief!

Title of 8 books:

1, Monster Truck Moutain Rescue

2, Fire Engine is Flashing

3, Ambulance in Action

4, Digger to the Rescue

5, Police Car on Patrol

6, Dumper Truck Dash

7, Tractor saves the Day

8, Racing Car is Roaring


Thông tin sách:


Trang: 17-23


Kích thước: 25 x 25 cm


Độ tuổi: Người mới bắt đầu


Nhà xuất bản: QED


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