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Pages 32
Dimen 22 x 27 cm
Age 2-4 years
Publisher  Puffin 

"A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good." Walk further into the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when the quick-thinking mouse comes face to face with an owl, a snake and a hungry gruffalo.

Title of 10 books:

  1. Room on the Broom
  2. The Smartest GIANT in Town
  3. The paper dolls
  4. A Squash and a Aqueeze
  5. The Snail and the Whale
  6. Tyrannosaurus DRIP
  7. Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book
  8. Cave baby
  9. The gruffalo’s child
  10. The gruffalo


Thông tin sách:


Trang: 32


Kích thước: 22 x 27 cm


Độ tuổi: 2-4 tuổi


Nhà xuất bản:  Puffin


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