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Publisher OUP Oxford
Language English
Paperback 56 pages
Dimension 14cm x 21cm
Age 8+

Each level consists of both non-fiction Oxford Read and Discover and fiction Oxford Read and Imagine books.

Oxford Read and Discover is a new series of non-fiction graded readers for primary – 8-year-olds and up. Cross-curricular topics and colour photos make learning English through other subjects exciting.

Then the Oxford Read and Imagine invites young readers into an exciting world of great stories. Follow Rosie, Ben, Grandpa and his robot Clunk on their adventures in Grandpa’s fantastic van.

Stunning colour photos, maps, diagrams and charts support understanding, while activities and projects at the back of the books develop language and critical thinking skills.

Tittles of 10 books discover:

1. Earth Then and New
2. Caring for Our Planet
3. All About Space
4. Wonderful Ecosysteme
5. Cells And Wiccaleg
6. Clothes Then and New
7. Helping Eveend The World
8. Your Amazing Body
9. Food Around the World
10. Incredible Energy