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Animal Town is in trouble! Meanie King Viking and his Robot Army are spreading No Fun across the land. Only Super Rabbit Boy can save the day! But first he must make it past sand traps, lava, and lots and lots of robots. Will Super Rabbit Boy reach the final level, or will it be GAME OVER?

Content of 13 Books:

  1. Game over, super rabbit boy
  2. Super rabbit boy power up
  3. Super rabbit racers
  4. Super rabbit boy vs. Super rabbit boss
  5. Super rabbit boy blasts off
  6. The super side – quest test
  7. Robo – Rabbit boy, go
  8. Super rabbit all – star
  9. Super rabbit boy’s time jump
  10. Super rabbit boy’s team up trouble
  11. Super cheat codes and secret modé
  12. Super rabbit boy world
  13. Super king viking land


Thông tin sách:


Trang: 80


Kích thước: 19 x 13 cm


Độ tuổi: 5 – 8


Nhà xuất bản: Scholastic


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Pages 80
Dimen 19 x 13 cm
Age 5 – 8
Publisher Scholastic